How long does the session last? 

Sessions are one to two hours, depending on the package you choose. You can ask the photographer at the time of booking. 

Do you have someone to do hair and make-up? 

Our signature look for kids and teens is bright, clean, and natural. We don't advise having professional hair and make-up done for kids. However, we do have products and supplies at the studio to help with prepping the client for the session, and the photographer will offer asssitance and guidance in that area as well. 

Do you provide clothing or do I have to bring my own? 

Headshot photographers typically do not provide clothing. It is the client's responsibility to bring their own wardrobe for the session. We do work with the client prior to the session to help pick out the best and most appropriate wardrobe for each look. 

How far out do I need to book my session? 

If you need a weekend date, we recommend booking 3-4 weeks in advance. If you can do a weekday, 2-3 weeks in advance would suffice. 

What time of day do you shoot? 

We use natural light for our headshots, so we are not able to do late afternoon appointments. Our earliest session starts at 10:30 am and our latest appointment depends on the season. During the winter, 12 pm would be the latest. During the spring and summer, we can start as late as 2pm. 

What backgrounds do you have? 

We select backgrounds appropriate for the look and feel of the wardrobe and what you're trying to achieve with that particular look. Background selection is at the photographer's discretion. If you have any specific background requirements, please contact us before booking to ensure we have what you are looking for. 

Is retouching really necessary? 

In our opinion, yes, retouching is necessary, even for kids. An expertly retouch image will be rid of any distractions such as temporary blemishes, temporary bruises or marks on the face, flyaways, disclorations on the face including underneath the eye area, whitening teeth, etc. Trust us on this. A retouched picture will give you a competitive edge.